How to Properly Dispose of Fats and Grease

It isn’t uncommon to have fats and grease to dispose of after preparing meals. So, what should you do with them? Putting them down the drain or garbage disposal could clog your sink, or even cause a build-up in the main sewer line for your neighborhood.

Put them in the garbage

The best way to dispose of grease and fats is to let them cool and solidify. After an hour or two, you will be able to safely throw these materials into your kitchen’s garbage without worrying about them being too hot to be in the trash bag.

Store for future use

Some fats and greases can be re-used for cooking. There are people who keep bacon grease in a container to use for future meal preparations.

Also, some oils can be re-used in the same appliance, such as the oil in a deep fryer. This oil can generally be used three or four times before it needs to be changed.

Just remember that it is never a good idea to try and wash fat and grease down the drain!