How Do I Prepare for an HVAC Maintenance Appointment?

Preparing your home for annual service is important for expedient service, preventing accidents and helping you to become familiar with details and issues of your home-comfort system.

Follow this how-to guide:

  • You should receive a phone call or email from the contractor a day, or a few days, before your appointment for confirmation.
  • Know the location of all HVAC systems and components (heating or cooling equipment, ductwork, thermostats, water heater system, humidity-control systems, ventilation and circuit breakers/fuse box), and how to access these systems (through a crawl space, attic, basement, etc.).
  • Make sure that all equipment is accessible, and not blocked by furniture, or storage or other household items.
  • Write down the manufacturer and model numbers of relevant equipment and store these in a safe location.
  • Make sure that an adult (over the age of 18) is present when the HVAC technician arrives to allow them access into your home.
  • Secure your pets in a room that is closed off from the area where work is being done. This will ensure the safety of your pet and the technician.
  • If you have an issue with a heat pump freezing up (ice accumulation on the evaporator), turn the system off the night before so that it may have time to defrost before service.
  • If you’ve had specific problems recently, such as uneven heating or rattling ducts, make a note of them and include as much detail as possible, such as symptoms and when the problems began.