Eye Protection Safety

Studies have shown that of the 2.5 million eye injuries that occur each year, 50% of them happen at home. This means that more people suffer eye injuries when they are in their own homes than at work, school or anywhere else.

Here are some tips for preventing eye injuries at home:

  1. Always use eye protection when performing repair jobs at home. Safety glasses will protect your eyes from flying debris, chemicals and dust. If you already wear glasses, you can find goggles that will fit over them.
  2. Never mix chemicals together. Read the manufacturer warnings and guidelines on the package. Always use chemicals in well-ventilated areas.
  3. Be sure to remove tripping hazards from stairs or walkways. Also, be sure there is ample lighting in these areas, and make sure you provide easy-to-reach handrails for children and the elderly.
  4. Before mowing the lawn or using a weed trimmer, be sure to remove debris from your lawn which could result in projectiles.
  5. Wash your hands after performing repair jobs or chores around the house so you don’t accidentally rub chemicals into your eyes when touching your face.
  6. Make sure tools and cleaning chemicals are out of reach of children.

These tips should help reduce your risk of experiencing an eye injury at home.

However, accidents can still happen. If you do injure an eye, do not touch it. Don’t try to remove anything from your eye, either. Be sure to seek medical attention immediately.

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