An End-Of-Summer Checklist for Your Home
With the hot and humid weather coming to an end also comes a number of jobs around the home that need to be taken care of. Oncourse Home Solutions has put together a simple end-of-summer checklist for your home.
  1. Check smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. Has it been a few months since you checked to make sure these detectors were working? Many homeowners check these devices when turning their clocks forward or backward with the time changes, but the batteries in your detectors may need a change now.
  2. Take a look at your air conditioner. We see a lot of severe weather during the summer. Hail, strong winds and heavy rainfalls can cause damage to your outside cooling unit. Be sure to look the system over to see if there are any dents, frayed wires or to see if there are any limbs on top of or surrounding the unit which may need to be removed.
  3. Clean your barbecue grill. How often have you actually taken the time to clean the grill? Odds are likely that the grill is probably fairly dirty and in need of a good cleaning. Not doing so can be a fire hazard.
  4. Clean your windows. Find a nice, mild day to take time to clean the exterior of your windows. Your windows can build up dirt and grime over time just like any other surface on the outside of your home. To get them sparkly clean once again, use a solution of dish detergent and water. It is mild enough to use on your window’s frames, as well as on the glass. Use caution when cleaning windows on the second floor of your home.
  5. Inspect your plants. If you have weeds or dead flowers and plants in your garden, now is the right time to get them removed. There are some dead plants which can affect the health of other plant life around them.
  6. Look over your deck or patio. If it has been a harsh summer where you live, there may be damaged areas on your deck or patio that need to be repaired or replaced. Now is the perfect time to take care of work like this before the brisk fall weather arrives.
These are just a handful of tips to help you get your home ready for the upcoming fall weather.