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What are Nicor Home Solutions Repair and Maintenance Plans?

Our repair and maintenance plans help homeowners and landlords prepare for unexpected breakdowns of household appliances, lines and systems. Unlike many home warranties, our plans allow customers to select coverage for the plans and systems that they want covered. These plans will help protect expensive financial repairs, as well as hassles and inconvenience. All our plans include parts and labor, with no deductible – all for a low monthly cost. Convenient monthly billing on your natural gas utility bill may be available.

What if I have homeowner insurance? Do I still need a home warranty plan?

Your homeowner’s insurance is usually categorized as hazard insurance, and often covers items damaged in fires, by water, by wind or other covered events. Our service repair plans covers household systems, lines and appliances that break down through normal wear and tear or defects in workmanship.

When does coverage begin and when does it end?

Our Gas Line ComfortGuard Plan coverage begins as soon as your enrollment is processed. Coverage for our other programs begins 30 days after your enrollment is processed. Your enrollment should be processed within 3-5 days of your application. You will receive a welcome letter and the terms of your agreement by email or postal mail, notifying you of your coverage start date.

How do I stop or cancel my coverage?

This is a year-long agreement that will renew automatically for additional year-long periods. You may cancel your plan at any time with no obligation during the first 30 days, or at any time afterwards by giving us 30 days’ notice, and you will only be responsible for payment for the months you were on the program.

Who will perform the repair service?

We partner with local service providers who belong to our service provider network. We pre-qualify the service providers working in your home to ensure they are experienced. Our heating and cooling service providers will perform repairs in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's specifications. All of our providers conduct business in a professional, prompt, and efficient manner.

Can I select my own service provider?

No. We provide you with pre-qualified service providers to do the work in your home. All of our service partners have been screened to ensure they are highly skilled and experienced. Our heating and cooling service providers will perform repairs in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's specifications.  All of our providers conduct business in a professional, prompt and efficient manner.

If you would like to recommend a service provider for our network, please Contact Us, or ask your provider to fill out our Service Provider Network Application.

Do I pay a service fee for each visit?

Unlike most providers, Nicor Home Solutions doesn’t charge a deductible or a trip fee for service on covered repairs and maintenance.

What if my lines or appliances are currently in need of repair?

Our plans do not cover items that were in need of repair before enrollment, but you can still sign up for the program. We can make arrangements for the repair with a pre-qualified service provider. While you will be responsible for the cost of this initial repair, future repairs will be covered subject to our contract terms.


Are parts and labor covered if there is a repair?

For our Gas Line ComfortGuard Plan,  you are covered for up to $600 per incident, with no annual limit.  For all our other repair plans, parts and labor are covered for up to $400 per incident, up to $2,000 per year.  For all our maintenance plans, parts and labor are not covered unless and otherwise specified. The outside Sewer and Water Line Repair coverage includes certain restoration coverages. 

See the Customer Agreement for further details.

If I don't have any repairs, do I receive money back at the end of the year?

No. Like an insurance policy, your service agreement provides protection against unexpected repair bills.

Does the age of my home matter?

No, the age of your house does not matter.  We still cover the systems and appliances within the home regardless of age.

Do I need a home inspection in order to enroll?

No, a home inspection is not required as a condition to enroll in a repair or maintenance plan.

Can I enroll a home warranty plan if I am not in a real estate transaction?

Yes, you can purchase a home warranty for your home at any time. You do not have to be involved in a real estate transaction of any kind.

What happens if I move before the service agreement expires?

You may cancel our plans by giving us thirty days’ notice, and you will only be responsible for payment for the months you were on the program.


If I sell my home, can the new owner assume the service agreement?

No. Your service agreement is between you and Nicor Home Solutions. The new homeowner would have to sign up for a new service agreement in his/her name.

Sensible Repair Plans

Pivotal Home Solutions 

Looking to safeguard your home from expensive repairs and inconveniences? Nicor Home Solutions Repair Plans can help.

All of our plans include parts, labor and 24/7 customer phone service. You will rest easier knowing that you've planned for unexpected repairs.

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“I started out with Nicor Home Solutions around 15 years ago with one little item. Now I'm fully covered in my whole house. I started off with my furnace, got my washer and dryer, water heater, refrigerator, stove. Now I got water pipes. Later on I'll probably get some more added on. I've been very, very, very pleased. Sometimes you go maybe two years and you won't have anything go wrong—and then like the last month, I had my washer go out and a leak in my water pipe. It's well worth the price to have the ease of mind it brings, the convenience—just call you guys and not to even worry about it. I would definitely recommend it. I have nothing bad to say about it. Everybody I talk to, I try to get them interested in it if possible. I even got my brother on the plan 4 or 5 years ago. I think Nicor Solutions is great, absolutely great. I'm just as pleased as could be. I just love it.”

—Larry N. Rockford, IL

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