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Homeowners sometimes ask, “What can go wrong with my sewer line?” or “What can go wrong with my water line?” Those are great questions. After all, on many properties, those lines are buried underground and would seem to be protected from harm. 

Here are a few examples, though, of what can affect a home’s outside water and sewer lines:

  • Tree roots. They seek water and nutrients, and can make small leaks in your water or sewer lines become big problems if the roots grow into the lines and clog them. 

  • Weather. The extremes that our northern Illinois climate experiences over the course of a year—wide temperature variations, heavy snowfall and rainfall, drought—can cause the ground to shift unevenly. That can stress the water and sewer pipes that run through the ground, leading to weakness and cracks in the lines.

  • Poor soil. Corrosive soils (clay, for example) can gnaw at pipes from the outside in, leading to a need for home sewer pipe repairs and home water line repairs.

  • Grease. What you send down your drains might not all be carried far away. Grease can build up on the walls of pipes and reduce their capacity, eventually leading to a blocked sewer line. 

Outside Water Line Repair and Outside Sewer Line Repair Protection Plans

All of these can cause water line problems and sewer line problems—issues that could lead to loss of water in your home, and sewer backups in your sinks and toilets. And those could cost you a significant amount of money in repairs. A typical cost to replace an outside water line can be $4,000, while the cost to replace an outside sewer line can typically run $8,500. These repair costs are estimates only, and actual repair costs could be more or less than these stated costs.

Basic homeowners’ insurance policies often do not cover broken water lines and broken sewer lines. And even if the water supply line or sewer line is utility-owned, repairing line damage within the property boundaries is usually the homeowner’s responsibility¹. That means it can be up to you to find a service provider and pay for repairs. 
That’s where the protection plans from Nicor Home Solutions come in. Whether you have public or private water and sewer service for your home, our combined Outside Water Line and Outside Sewer Line Protection Plans² protect you against unexpected repairs up to $14,000 each year (see Plan Details below). With these plans, you’re covered for repair or replacement costs related to providing service to repair leaks or breaks to your outside water lines and to repair, replace, or clear clogs and blockages for outside sewer lines up to coverage limits. 

If you experience a covered problem, you can simply call one toll-free number and know that the repairs will be expertly completed by experienced, pre-qualified service providers. Even better, Nicor Home Solutions has no deductibles and no trip charges—all covered parts and labor are included, up to plan limits.

¹Outside sewer and/or water line ownership responsibility varies depending on your location. Nicor Home Solutions is not responsible for determining any local variation. Pre-existing conditions, Acts of God, system upgrades, digging hits, and other exclusions are not covered.

²Outside Water Line Repair and Outside Sewer Line Repair coverage begins 30 days after enrollment. Additional terms and conditions apply. Subject to eligibility.

Plan Details

Up to $14,000 in Repair Coverage per year

  • Up to $4,000 to repair, replace, or clear clogs and blockages for outside sewer lines
  • Up to $4,000 to repair leaks or breaks for outside water lines
  • Up to $4,000 for outside sewer lines and up to $1,000 for outside water lines in public sidewalk/driveway/road opening repairs
  • Up to $500 each for landscape restoration reimbursement related to covered water or sewer repairs
  • Convenient monthly billing on your natural gas utility bill may be available

Some exclusions and restrictions may apply. For complete information on the plan, including applicable terms and conditions, see the Customer Agreement.


Outside Water and Sewer Line Protection Plan - Special Discount Price!

Most people don’t know who to call for help when a water line supply or sewer line break occurs. With an Outside Water and Sewer Line Protection Plan, you make just one phone call and you’ll have peace of mind knowing the repairs will be completed by pre-qualified service providers.

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